10 Best Names for a Black Dog


Dogs have for ages been known to be man’s best friend. This this end, man has related to dogs just the way he relates to his fellow man and this relationship has culminated in not only the way and manner man treats his dog but also in the name given to a dog by its master. Dogs can be named based on their skin color, size, appearance or strength. 

Blow are 10 names give to a black dog


1. Schwartzie: Schwartz is the German word for black, so calling your dog Schwartzie is like calling your dog Blackie – except it sounds so much cooler in German. (Incidentally, if you’re thinking of Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf, schwarz kopf means black head. Not a bad name for a dog, either.)

2. Jelly Bean: Jelly Bean is a super cute name for a dog, especially if it’s a tiny dog. It’s extra special if you think the black jelly beans are the best ones.

3. Inky: Descriptive and cute. Easily lends itself to such nicknames as Inky Binky Boo. (Big “Awww!” factor there.)

4. Goth: (The modern, Emo, darker side Goths; not the 4th century Germanic, Teutonic Goths.) Gothic, Gothica, or Gotham are also good name choices.

5. Onyx: Classy and unique. Onyx works well for either a male or a female dog.

6. Tux: (Keeping with the “x”es here.) Tuxedo is also a good name, but I sort of like the sound of Tux better. Black tie only, keeping it classy, know what I mean?

7. Raven: Whether it’s “Quoth the raven” or “That’s so Raven” is up to you. Either way, it works for a black dog.

8. Pepper: Pepper has a spicy, peppy, spunky sound to it. It’s a good fit for an active dog.

9. Shadow: Classic. Good name for a dog when you’ve also got kids in the house.

10. Ebony: The reason goes without saying. And, if you have another dog who’s white, you could have Ebony and Ivory. (See also: Best Names for a White Dog.)

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