10 Best Names for a Brown Dog

10 Best Names for a Brown Dog

1. Nutella. Everyone loves Nutella, and it’s crazy popular right now. Plus, it has a really nice sound to it– little foreign, a little familiar. Nutella is a good choice for the hipsters.

2. Meatloaf. Meatloaf strikes me as really funny. It could be a total “dad joke” or it could be cool-y ironic. It takes a confident, edgy person to name the dog Meatloaf.

3. Hershey. A sweet (and slightly clever) name for a chocolate lab.

4. Tootsie or Tootsie Roll. Keeping with the chocolate theme here. Tootsie is fun to say, too! Imagine calling your dog, “Come here, Toots!”

5. Cocoa Puff. A super cute name for a fluffy brown dog.

6. Kaley Cocoa. After the actress Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory. (See what I did there?) Another variation would be Cocoa Chanel, if you’re more into fashion than TV.

7. Mocha. A version of the chocolate theme that’s just a little bit less sweet.

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8. Jackie (as in Jackie Brown). It’s a sad John Cougar Mellencamp song, but if you’ve got a dog with sad eyes, that might be your life, Jackie Brown.

9. Brownie or Brownlie. Brownie may seem like the obvious choice, but sometimes obvious is the way to go. Brownlie is just small twist on Brownie, giving it a little bit of a personal flare.

10. Cleveland. This one is for the Browns fans.

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  1. I liked “Mocha”. In a case if I had a brown dog. By the way you wrote on new topic. I do not know it is only new for me but I read first time this type of post. Great.

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