10 Best Names for a Gray Dog

10 Best Names for a Gray Dog

1. Dorian. Literature fans probably thought of Dorian, as in Dorian Gray, for a gray dog before any other names. This is a great choice for bookworms or English teachers.

2. Zane. For fans of the great American Western novel, Zane is the obvious choice. Zane Grey would be particularly fitting for a herding, or cattle, dog.

3. Grayson. I like using people names for dogs, and what could be more trendy than Grayson? Mason is in the top five names for boys this year, so giving it a slight (and obvious) twist is really cute.

4. Grady. It’s on old-fashioned name, but the thought of a gray dog named Grady puts a smile on my face.

5. Stormy or Storm. Gray skies indicate that a storm is a-brewin’, so naming a gray dog Stormy or Storm makes sense.

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6. Rain. Staying with the storm theme, gray clouds mean rain, so the name Rain works well for a gray dog. Rain has a strong sound to it, too.

7. Thunder. Speaking of stormy and strong, Thunder is an awesome name for a large dog. Actually, it would be cute (in that unexpected way) for a teeny dog, too.

8. Lightning. If you’ve got a spazzy, hyper gray dog; maybe he should be named Lightning.

9. Silver. Silver and gray are pretty close on the color spectrum, but the best reason to name your dog Silver is so you can yell, “HiHo, Silver! Away!” at her.

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10. Bullet. Silver, gray. Silver bullet. Bull dog. Yep. Bullet is a really good name for a gray bulldog.