10 Best Names for a Red Dog


It is important that we name our dogs so that they can have an identity of their own. However, most dog owners find it a bit difficult to find a good name for their dogs. Dogs can be named based on their color. Naming dogs based on color is a good idea because it has the capacity of setting such a dog as a unique individual in a community or household.

Here are 10 Best Names for a Red Dog

1. Red: Of course. (Sorry, but come on, you pretty much have to consider calling a red dog Red.)

2. Big Red: If it’s a big red dog, sometimes you’ve just got to go with the obvious.

3. Clifford: Speaking of big red dogs, well, that just makes me think of the theme song from Clifford. “I love Clifford, the big red dog!”

4. Blue: That’s funny, right? Calling a red dog, Blue.

5. Ruby: We’re back to the red theme. Ruby is good for a female, and it was a nice, gentle sound to it.

6. Danny Boy: This one is for a male Irish Setter, after the traditionnal Irish ballad “Danny Boy”.

7. Autumn: So many thoughts of autumn involve the color red–changing leaves, sunsets, and bonfires. Autumn is a good name for a red dog.

8. Ginger: Not the professor, not Mary Ann. (Actually, I’m not sure anyone will get that joke since “Ginger” is now synonymous with red-head. Oh well, I tried.)

9. Cherry or Cherry Bomb: A cherry’s red, so you see the connection. Cherry would work well for a female, while Cherry Bomb toughens it up a bit for a male.

10. Otto Tomotto: Rhymes always make me smile, so Otto Tomotto seems like a good name to me. (And it it has to be tomotto, not tomato. See what I did there? A tomato is red, but it doesn’t rhyme with Otto.)

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