10 Best Names for a White Dog

10 Best Names for a White Dog

1. Blanche or Bianca. Blanche means white in French, and Bianca means white in Italian, so either choice is a good one. It just depends on which one “fits” better.

2. Snowball. Snowball seems like an obvious choice, and that’s because it’s a great name for a fluffy white dog! Sometimes it’s good to go with a classic.

3. Snowflake. Snowflake is little cuter and more delicate than the traditional Snowball. It works well for a small white dog.

4. Chrissy Snow. I’m not sure if everyone remembers the hit 1970s TV show Three’s Company, but Suzanne Somer’s character’s name was Chrissy Snow. It makes an amusing name for a dog.

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5. Ivory. Ivory is a synonym for white, so this is another classic choice. Plus, it has a nice ring to it. (And if you have a black dog, you can have Ebony and Ivory.)

6. Pearl. Old-fashioned in the every-thing-old-is-new-again way. Pearl is actually trending as a baby name, but it works well for puppies, too.

7. Vanilla. Or Vanilla Ice, depending on your taste. It lends itself to Nellie as a nickname, if you’re into giving your dog a nickname.

8. Cupcake. How cute is Cupcake? The answer is, it’s very cute!

9. Lily. A very sweet and feminine sounding name for a female. Lily white is a common phrase, and it’s always fun to have a kitschy name for your dog.

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10. Harvey Milk. If you feel like making a political statement, milk is white, Harvey Milk was an important political figure; so naming your dog Harvey Milk is a pretty hipster thing to do.


  1. I’ve never had a dog, but I can remember a white cat we called Snowflake. I love Nellie for Vanilla! We used to have a red cat named Cinnamon, but nobody ever felt like saying his full name, so he got nicknamed Red. Kinda boring compared to Nellie or Harvey Milk, LOL!

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