10 Best Names for a Yellow Dog

10 Best Names for a Yellow Dog

1. Lemondrop. Lemondrop has a cute ring to it, doesn’t it? And a lemon is yellow, so the name works well.

2. Maize or Maisy. Maize is the Native American word for corn. When most people visualize corn they think of yellow corn, so Maize works for a yellow dog. If you want to make it a little more girly, Maisy is a cute variation.

3. Pancake. Pancake is an adorable name for a dog, especially if the dog is a little on the golden-brown side of yellow.

4. Buttercup. Buttercup gives the impression of a well-loved (perhaps spoiled?) dog, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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5. Daisy. A flower with a yellow center. How appropriate for a female yellow dog!

6. Goldie. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a classic name. They became classic for a reason.

7. Blondie. You can’t talk about a yellow-haired dog and not think of the word blond, so naturally Blondie is among the top choices.

8. Soliel. Soleil is the French word for sun. Bright yellow sunshine. Bright yellow dog. Yep, that’s a match.

9. Marigold. You don’t hear Marigold as a dog’s name very often, so that makes it unique without being entirely off-beat.

10. Honey. If the color of your dog’s coat is the same color as honey, then Honey is a perfect name. Not only that, but at some point you’ll probably refer to the dog as “Honey” anyway, so you might as well go ahead and name the dog Honey.

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