10 Lessons Klaus Mikelson Portrays in Originals

If you are fan of series, originals and vampire diaries then Klaus Mikelson isn’t a puzzle to you.
Its a fact that he is the strongest, which i highly doubt. He is the first hybrid :half vampire and half wolf. His hybrid nature makes him ” poison ” in the whole storyline.

Like anyone Klaus is prone to make mistakes. But luckily his brother, Elijah Mikelson and Sister, Rebecca Mikelson are his redemption source. Though it has never worked to put Klaus on right course.

The mikelsons, originals were the first vampire’s to be created out of dark magic.
Klaus, is the strongest. Despite of his bad nature still he has some ten lessons to teach us.


10 lessons to learn from Klaus Mikelson, behavior in the originals

When strong Klaus would advice, the following.
1.Trust only yourself.
Klaus rarely shares his plans to face his enemy, with anyone even his brother Elijah.
Never trust anybody.

2.Protect those whom you love at all costs.
Klaus protects his family at all costs.
He doesn’t allow anyone to harm them

3.Keep your enemies at bay.
Mind games are Klaus’s schemes to hold his enemies at bay.

4.Run when you have been overpowered.
You have seen Klaus running from his father for many years. During his eloping period, Klaus was weak he didn’t know how face and fight his father

5.Use the power of family to fight your enemies.
The mikelsons are strong because they hold on the strength of family bonds. Despite of Klaus, being a hybrid he still uses the family power to face all his enemies.

6.Hide your fears at all costs.
Klaus hides his fears, from everyone. His brother is the only one who knows his fears.

7.Kill your enemies strong points and cornerstones.
whilst facing his enemies, he first destroys and pins down their strengths. This gives him chance to win swiftly.

8.Lie only to protect those whom you love.
Klaus is liar. He lies to protect those he loves and his family

9.Marge with those who help only.
The mikelsons marge with witches and wolves that only help them. Strength is also factor while the forming an arsenal.

10.Know everyone around you.
Klaus knows everyone around him strong and weak points.
He exploits them for his and family benefits.

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