3D Pineapple Jack o’ Lantern Carving Tutorial for Halloween

Do you have SpongeBob SquarePants fans at home?  Do you have the ear worm “Who lives in a pineapple under-the-sea” playing in your head? We’re SpongBob fans and decided to make a a Pineapple Jack-o’-lantern for Halloween. That’s something new we haven’t seen before.

Supplies to make a Pineapple Jack-o’-Lantern

  • a tall skinny pumpkin (the more pineapple-shaped the better) de-seeded
  • a small spiky plant or succulent (real or fake, or even green tissue paper could work)
  • a rounded carving tool
  • marker pen
  • a drill (optional)
  • battery operated tea or fairy lights

How to make a Pineapple Jack-o’-Lantern

Step 1: First draw your criss-cross lines along along one side of your pumpkin. You can cover all sides if you like but we were going for efficiency and ease so we only did the front side.


3D Pineapple Jack o' Lantern Carving Tutorial (how-to) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

Step 2: Next carefully use your rounded carving tool to carve out your markings. Carve just low enough to take the top layer off your pumpkin. Make sure to use your carving tool properly by pushing it away from your body and not towards your hands. A simple slip could end up injuring yourself so always be careful. If you don’t have a handy “5/16″ bent large gouge” tool like I do, don’t worry, the dull end of a potato peeler will do or even many pumpkin carving kits have a blade that will work.

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Step 3:  Next up is drilling!

3D Pineapple Jack o' Lantern Carving Tutorial (how-to 2) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

You don’t really have to do this drilling step. In fact, I was a little disappointed in how my drill holes turned out. I think it might look better with a smaller drill bit. But one good thing about the drill holes is that it does let light shine through so your jack o’ lantern lights up like a proper jack o’ lantern. Also, drills are really fun to use on pumpkins, says the adult.

3D Pineapple Jack o' Lantern Carving Tutorial (add lights) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

Step 4: Once you are happy with your carvings and drill holes it’s time to add lights and your spiky plant. You might have carved the top of your pumpkin just the right size to fit a small potted plant in OR you might have to prop it up with a glass like I did. Just put your battery operated lights inside, turn them on and then put the glass upside down on top of the lights. Then sit the plant on top of the glass and you are ready to go! (By the way, I just pulled this aloe vera out of my yard and it isn’t very healthy. I’m going to assume you’ll probably buy a fresh new plant or you are a much better gardener than I am.)

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3D Pineapple Jack o' Lantern Carving Tutorial by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

Or you could take it to a Halloween Party as a gift and massive display of hospitality! Pineapples are the symbol of hospitality after all.

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