5 Nigerian Cities Where You Can Easily Find Jobs


It may sound exciting to some and surprising to others to hear that there are cities in Nigeria that offer more Job prospects than others. Well, this is very true depending on the king of job you are looking for or the kind of opportunity you wish to take advantage of. It is an obvious fact that Nigeria is battling serious unemployment challenges, but the fact is that even in the midst of unemployment there are opportunities that present themselves as problems or challenges to be solved. When you identify a problem or a challenge and think of ideas to solving it, then you are on your way to making money or even earning a decent living.

Here are 5 Nigerian cities that has some edge of others in terms of employment opportunity or the ability of a young graduate to secure a job.

  1. Almighty Lagos: Everyone that comes to Lagos comes to seek better opportunities and over the years Lagos has not disappointed. Lagos is home to over 17million inhabitants and despite this huge population figure, everyone can cling on to something for livelihood. Lagos has two sea ports, Tin Can Island and Apapa ports which are hug employments facilities for many Lagosians. Lagos is also an industrial hub, an entertainment hotspot, a commercial nerve centre, home for artisans and ICT gurus and has myriads of educational institutions each providing jobs both directly and indirectly to Nigerians.

The huge population figure of Lagos means that there are needs to be met, transportation, communication, leisure, security, banking services, domestic help, hospitality, recreation and sports, food and even spiritual wellbeing. All you need do as a youth or young school leaver is to situate yourself in any of these areas and cling on to something before the big white collar job appears.


  1. Oil Rich Portharcourt(PH): Portharcourt or Pitakwa as is popularly known is a super saturated city and even menial jobs are not available. One may be wondering even why this city is on this list if it is ‘super saturated’. The mere mention of being oil rich may be very tempting and alluring to a young school leaver, but the truth is that you may wait for ages if you are in Portharcourt in search of a job in an oil and gas company. Despite this grim picture, Portharcourt offers far better opportunities compared to other Nigerian cities. Portharcourt is an expanding city and in a few years time, it may develop into a conurbation swallowing up smaller towns around it even to towns in neighboring states of Abia and Bayelsa state with its attendant opportunities for developers, traders, teachers, doctors and other professionals that render one service or the other. Portharcourt can be quite expensive as a city especially for a job seeker, but there is a very high chance of securing a job even if it does not meet your standards. You can be an independent supplier of a particular product to specific customers in this city and that can fetch you a steady income if you are ready to package yourself or your brand to appeal to these customers.

Most importantly, Portharcourt has a fluid population in that many enter portharcourt as much as they leave the city leaving behind opportunities for new entrants.

Remember, do not go to PH looking for an oil and gas job. You may never get any in ages!!!


  1. Aba Ngwa: Aba is a major commercial hub in Abia state, south east Nigeria. If you are tough, smart and stress resistant, you can live in Aba. This city is notorious for bad roads and deplorable living conditions in slum areas but the truth here is that the city is rich and wealth literally flows on its streets. Aba is a commercial town and anything you bring to Aba will sell. Just have a good marketing strategy. Do not go to Aba looking for white collar jobs. Aba is for the hustlers….. whether you are a man or a woman. If you are savvy in manufacturing, Aba offers you that opportunity. You can build up clientele in Aba within a short time as most traders and business persons from parts of the south east and south south states visit Aba on a daily basis for business transactions. If you are a musician, a film producer or some art professionals that need publicity, Aba should be your choice destination.


  1. Onitsha: Onitsha is a notoriously popular town. It is estimated that the GDP of Onitsha alone may well surpass that of the entire West Africa. Literarily, everyone in Onitsha is a millionaire or a billionaire. Anambra men are known to be very savvy when it comes to business acumen and Onitsha is their main commercial convergence spot. Onitsha is not meant for neat people…it is not meant for pious people…it is not meant for people who want to lead holy lives…it is for the smart guys, sharp babes and wise children. You can sell ‘excreta’ in Onitsha if you are able to convince people with your sugar coated tongue. Go to Onitsha if you are burning with a desire to make money and no one would stop you. There are many people in Onitsha without a home, they live in any structure they find so long as they are able to make sales and market their wares…Onitsha is that raw…it is an embodiment of the fighting spirit in The Nigerian. Even lazy and lousy drones make it in Onitsha because the city transforms you from timidity to strength and boldness.


  1. Kano: Kano is on this list because of its huge population. Unfortunately this huge population is an unproductive population and adds very little to the GDP of the state or even the nation. But in an environment where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. One opportunity you can leverage on in Kano is the provision of portable water(sachet water, bottled water and household water). In this part of the country, water is like gold especially in the dry seasons. Look out for products from the south such as plantain, palm oil, vegetables and fruits and market to the people. ICT is also an emerging business opportunity. Liaise with educational and government institutions to provide ICT services and you may be on your way to becoming wealthy. Do not go to Kano to open a bear parlor, a bar or a club house….the consequences may be very unpleasant. Make the services you render in Kano cheap and you will get a market share from the millions of people down the social ladder.


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