A Simple Guide: Publishing Your Own E-book

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I have started my own e-book and at this very moment while I’m writing this post, I am also preparing the materials for pagination and lay out. It means to say, I have sent all my document files and photos to my lay out artist so he can do some revisions and editing. It’s almost done. I have tried opening the pages in Kindle this morning and it already looked like a book, except that it has no paging and images yet. By next week it will be ready and I’ll see how things would work after its publication in Amazon.

Here is a simple guide if you wanted to create your own e-book too.

1. Decide whether to write a story or a plain info article.

2. Think of a topic. Something that you can develop well. Choose a niche you are expert on.

3. Write the outline. It will serve as your guide in writing the whole book.

4. Just use MS Word. For a starter like you, you simply had to start with the most basic program.

5. Use your headers and footers to create paging and citations.

6. Insert images if you must. MS Word has a lay out option that allows you to copy and paste any image from your document files into your document.

7. When everything is done from introduction to the ending, save the document in doc or docs. Create a PDF file by saving again, but this time, choose PDF right below where the file name is located to have the PDF version. The PDF version can be opened in Kindle. Amazon accepts that format for publishing.

8. Specify your price. You will be getting 30 to 70% on Royalty.

9. What follows is how you promote your book using social media.


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