Seraphicinsights is a Revenue Sharing Website based on the stream of advert revenue generated by the contents authored by members of the site. As an online community of content contributors, Seraphicinsights strives to provide a platform for creativity in writing, learning and interaction to all members of the site even as they are compensated for their intellectual property and time based on the ad revenues generated from their content and other online activities.



                                                   THE TEAM

Seraphicinsights is founded by a team of Passionate bloggers versed in ICT and SEO. The passion that drives the administration of this site stems from the desire of its founder and the team to provide a sustainable alternative for writers to be compensated from their written content while getting fruitful knowledge and entertainment from their onsite activities.


                                          OUR VISION

The site is founded on a business model that takes into account the opinions, demands and perception of the members of the site in taking decisions or introducing features. To this end, several other site features are in the offing all geared at increasing the interaction of members, increasing their online income through these activities and most importantly, geared towards the overall sustainability of the site.

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