Abundance Prayer: Do You Believe In It?

About 2 months back I had come across an article titled the Abundance Prayer. I also searched about it on Google, since the testimonials said that prayer is believed to create some kind of magic that helps one get money.

Though money may not be everything, but is necessary for survival, hence some news like this will definitely attract eyeballs. So did this news, in my case.

Speaking more of the Abundance Prayer, people have experienced that they receive money from some source or the other, within 2-3 days after reciting it. For those who do not believe in magic, might find this difficult to digest, however there are many people online who have claimed to have seen the benefits.

Its not like you are going to earn a fortune, its just that you may receive some cash from unexpected sources. For example, someone received their lost purse, someone got a part-time job, someone found money in an old trouser or underneath their clothes in a cupboard. It may be a coincidence, or may be the magic of the Abundance Prayer.

My personal experience, even I have got money twice after reciting it. Not immediately, but after 2 days time; though the amount was close to U.S. $10-12. Not sure if it was the Abundance Prayer that did the trick or just a coincidence.

As they say.. If you believe then its God or else its only an idol/statue?

Have you heard or seen the benefits of the Abundance Prayer?Any experience with it?

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  1. From what I know ‘Prayer’ in the Creator God is the salvation of souls, but to gain material is a simple auto-suggestion, that means a big difference .

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