Amazing & Unknown Facts About Sharks

I came across an interesting article on Sharks, that busted out some common myths related to this sea creature.


For those who thought that sharks happen to be the most dangerous predator, after watching Jaws; the truth lies that killer whale, who in reality is not a whale but a member of the dolphin family, happens to feed on large sharks.


An another interesting fact is that a female shark had given birth to a baby shark, without a male DNA, using the process of parthenogenesis. This process, just implies that female sharks can reproduce without a male i.e. hatching of unfertilized eggs.


The next fact said that sharks never get cancer, due to the existence of a chemical called squalamine. This chemical helps in battling tumors and hence this chemical present in sharks, is being considered as a cure to cancer by some doctors.

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The fourth fact busted the myth that if a shark stops swimming than it would die. It is found that buccal pumping method used by some sharks helps them to breathe even when they rest.


The fifth fact is for the movie Jaws. This horror movie just helps burn the most calories, compared to other horror movies. It is found out that horror movies result in an increased heartbeat and thus result in burning calories.


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  1. wow such an interesting facts about those beautiful creation. I found this article informative. And just became able to know that they no need for male shark for meeting and wonderful thing is that they love with human.

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