Angels are the Announcers of Goodnews

The recent call by the Admin of to the “Angels” of the site is really very encouraging. It shows what a great esteem he has on the members of the site.

I really appreciate his magnanimous mind that has given the members such a high place in his heart – treating all of us as “Angels” which means above all human standards! He touches every heart in his own angelic way. Congrats to his efforts. Our loving support will strengthen his hands which I think are “raw” to a site administration.

Angel is the messenger of God. Almost all religions mention in their scriptures about these heavenly messengers. Angels carry out the errands of God. They announce good news to the world.

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For example, the Bible tells about several services of the angels. When Jesus was born, they announced the good news of his birth and sang “Gloria” in praise of God.

Every Seraphim is called to build up this kingdom of “goodwill” and sharing. Come on friends, we shall spread this good news!

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  1. Wow! I haven’t read the post yet. That’s one of my favorite expressions. Whenever someone helps me or does something good to me, I always say, YOU ARE AN ANGEL!

  2. ha ha what is the good news? you may be forgot to mentioned that? i have read the post where admin mention to invite friends, what is good news there? funny

  3. I’ve done spreading the good news. I referred many friends to join here. Some are inactive. I can’t force them to be active since they are skeptical to provide their trust over and over. About me, still I am hopeful because of the word “Angel.”

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