Best Friend Photo Shoot for Friendship Day!

You know what the best thing to give to your best friend on International Friendship Day is? Your time.

You know what the second best thing to give is? A photo of you two looking super cute in a painted cardboard heart! Schedule a fun photoshoot with your friend today and you both will have cute pictures to treasure for the rest of your lives. Put the picture in a pretty frame and you’ve got the holidays and Friendship Day covered!

We are big fans of photo props in our house. All you need to make one is:

  • a big piece of cardboard
  • a box cutter (should be used by a responsible adult)
  • craft paint
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Draw out your big heart on your piece of cardboard. This may be common sense but make sure you are cutting your cardboard on a protected or safe surface. We used some plywood we had on hand but you could cut on an extra piece of cardboard or your driveway.  Just make sure you are NOT going to cut on something you might damage like your floor or your dining room table.

Then paint in any color you like. Let it dry. Invite a friend over and snap away!

Friendship Day Craft: Best Friend Photo Shoot by Brenda Ponnay for #CraftyKids #InternationalFriendshipDay #CraftsForKids #PhotoCraft

Old friends, new friends. Big friends, little friends…friends come in all sizes! Then print your photos out, find a frame and gift!

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Happy Friendship Day!


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