How to Care for Pets Exhibiting Lameness


On rare occasions, our pup Molly will develop a bit of a limp in one leg.   A leg injury is usually due to her joy-filled frolic at the dog park with her buddies, and the limp goes away after a few days.  If a limp in a dog or cat lasts for more than two days, then have your veterinarian take a look at the affected paw or leg. Pet owners can help pets for a few days to remedy lameness.

1.  Paws Check out those cute paws to see if something is causing  some irritation.   Look for a cut on the pad of the paw or a broken toenail.  A thorn may be the culprit or even a small shard of glass is causing the limp.  A pebble stuck between toes or something sticky may be the problem.

2,  Rest:   It is just common sense not to take a dog or cat on a walking adventure if he has a bum leg.   Let your pet rest up so that the leg that is showing lameness can heal.

3.  Cold Pack:  You are sure your pet or pets strained a muscle during some overzealous play.   You can place a cold pack on the strained muscle to ease the pain and reduce swelling.  If the cold-pack treatment does not have your pet walking normally in two days, then off to the vet.

4. Go see a Vet: This is probably the best solution that can be approached when you notice that your dog is exhibiting lameness. A veterinarian knows the appropriate medication to administer to your dog that would ensure its quick recovery. he can also guide you on tips to follow if you notice some other signs or symptoms that could be attributed to lameness.

Warning:  Cats who exhibit lameness are usually in big trouble because lameness is rare in cats.  Cats who are exhibiting signs of lameness need a vet check right away.

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