Implications of Clicking Advertisements On Websites

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As soon as I visited this website, I loved the look of the Website, and Advertisements so much that, I clicked on so many Articles, as well as Advertisements. I feel, it is our/users duty to check at least some of the advertisements, when we write for any writing website, especially which is based on an Ad Revenue Sharing scheme, isn’t it? What say?

Advertisements pay us after all. Ads fetch money for both of us as well as the Owners/Founders/Staff of any Website.

Maybe, Tony, would love this work of mine, and pay me more for this 🙂 or make me an Admin, and I may get regular income here on this great website. You never know, isn’t it?? 

Such thing/task reminds me of Environment. As some of us, who are very well aware of our duties to prevent environment from the ill-effects of too much of use by the people etc by doing certain things, similarly, using anything, here websites is also one of our responsibilities, to keep the website/s running well enough, for everyone to get accolades from it for longer period of time.

I always care for the website I write for, either short term or long term, but I am of the view that we must try to help such great initiatives, rather than just using it, and forgetting it, as if we do not have anything to do with it. Like this, we can ignore for sometime, but ultimately such websites/resources will stop yielding any fruits for us, if we just use it, but do not help it anyhow.

What do you feel about it?

I am here now, so expect some thought provoking posts from now on 


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