Do You Know What Gobelins Are?

Today I want to talk to you about a passion that I have ever since I was a child- Gobelins. I attach a picture of a gobelin that I sewed manually. It takes a lot to do one but it depends on the size. mine is 15X20 cm but there are others a lot bigger. The bigger ones I’m not selling but this one I posted on auction sites.

A gobelin is basically a copy of a famous painting. They reproduce flowers, portraits, landscapes and the list could continue. The more colors a gobelin has , the closer it is to the original painting it actually is. Such art items are sold everywhere around the internet with a price ranging from 1 dollars to 2,5 dollars per cm. I’m curious how do you find my gobelin. do you think it’s worth selling. would you ever buy such things to frame them and put them in your house, on the walls? or do you think they are just useless things

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In my case the original painting was made by a famous romanian painter called Nicolae Grigorescu. He’s also famous abroad. He had a passion for the country world and for people living in villages. In many of his paintings he reproduced images from the life village

I had to crop the picture because the site wouldn’t accept it’s resolution. This makes me really sad.

Anyway looking forward to read your opinion


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10 Comments on "Do You Know What Gobelins Are?"

  1. @alina, I am happy because you remembered about tapestries, and I’m passionate because tapestry, needlepoint I sewed 60, which are nature scenes, portraits, reproductions of famous painters, I like very much, congratulations!

  2. After reading your article, now I can understand what actually gobelins are ! My good wishes for you to earn handsome by selling those gobelins.

  3. thank you very much for this unique post

  4. wow, it looks great. It must have taken a long time to do it. Do post more such images of your work.

  5. Very nice. I’m sure you enjoy creating this. That’s great that you place them on auctions. Keep up the good work.

  6. Yes, I know but I never wanted to make any because it seems a lots of trouble for no reason. I just see no joy in that, or use.

  7. I don’t like making gobelins. if i have time, i want to pain a nice painting and show to you all then I wanna read all your comments about my work. Sad to say, we are not allowed to use our own pictures.

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