What Is In Your Dog Food?

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Are you aware of Change.org website? It is a site where people create a campaign to collect signatures trying to change something they strongly believe in. The most recent campaign was sent to me by my sister, and the lady is trying to have all the dog food manufacturers  listed the ingredients that they used to make food for dogs.

Her name is Susan Thixton, and she claimed that her dog food killed her dog. You can find her cause for running this campaign here!

Owning a dog myself, I paid attention to what kind of dog food I feed my dog. Reading the list of ingredients on the bag is the first thing I do. Admittedly, I can’t afford to feed him premium dog food, and I don’t want to feed him the worst one either. Thus, I choose the mid-grade one with the first three ingredients that are natural.

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I agree with Susan and I signed her petition to ask the dog food companies to list the quality of their ingredients. We all deserve to know what we are feeding our pets. I would like to see this petition success. After all, aren’t pets also our family members?

I see a good cause, so I signed? Would you have done the same?

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  1. I just read her petition and it’s much more intelligible than most online campaigns. But I’ve got to wonder, instead of asking only for the quality to be labelled why isn’t she asking for a ban on using such things as rotting meat and produce in any food destined for pets and livestock?

    • You are right! She should ask for the banning of rotten meat and vegetables too. I think it is a great start that she is doing something. Maybe down the line, that petition can be modified and covered many more undesirable areas.

  2. I have recently switched to a higher grade dog food after finding glycol? in his Beneful. This ingredient is also in doggy treats and biscuits. It is what makes them taste sweet like antifreeze and the biggest reason to keep kids from eating them.

  3. It’s frustrating that there are so many pet foods out there that aren’t actually healthy. I have a bunny and I just feed him fresh food instead of buying prepackaged food. I’m hoping that will make him live a long healthy life.

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