The Emptiness of a Godless Life Devoid of Spiritual Armor

Mankind can create all sorts of things. Produce chaotic environments and try to alter perceptions but through “faith” we’re able to withstand what mankind dishes out. See, there’s absolutely nothing that man can do to us that isn’t written by God, so as mankind dishes out their sufferings. God is observing and will prepare a reaping for His children. No matter what’s said or done. We can be covered if we choose to. If others are trying to alter our perceptions and create situations to cause a meltdown in the mind then they’re performing evilness. There’s protection from evil and wickedness. “The Armor of God.”

So many may not believe in God’s promises so they’ll continue to try and do deeds that could cause others to suffer but God is always watching. The reaping isn’t good.  We must remember that we’re not battling against flesh but against the spirits of darkness. They’re controlled by the enemy. No matter how many attacks. Keep moving and keep the armor on.

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Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Envy can get out of hand. Attack after attack. The “Full Armor of God.” is the greatest protection. Prayer is certainly needed now more so. The times are continuously changing and the enemy is lurking about to see how many he can devour. God notices it all. God can intervene but sometimes. God in Heaven will allow the things to take place because He has a purpose for the individuals involved. To learn, to grow, to create change.

There’s a “purpose.” A reason for everything. We may not like the challenges that arise but there’s nothing that’s placed on us that we can not bare. No matter how challenged we are. We have to remain in constant prayer. The weapons may form but the weapons shall not “prosper.” Prayer certainly changes things. No amount of talking will change the evils but prayer and the armor will. Remaining hopeful is important.

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