Error in the History of The Philippines

Is this an error in our history? Seems that our young generation didn’t know anything about the pre-Hispanic history. It is quite sad to know that we don’t know who we are and what we are before they colonizer came. But to tell you the truth, we are different and good before compare nowadays. I am quite frustrated on what we are doing now and what we are doing and even on the way we are going to.

But do you know who we are before the Spanish came in Ma-i or the Philippines? Yes, we have a life before the Spanish came.

As a Filipino, we are only taught about the life during the 333 years under the Spanish colonizer. We are not proud the life that we experienced in the hands of the Spanish government and the friars who led us into the religion they were proud of. We were forced to accept their religion and their government. We were changed into something that lost our identity.

After the Spanish Colonizer, Americans came and as they say, they came to a rescue and teach us how to govern the country well. Only those who didn’t know how to rule are the one who can be teach but we were already an established people in our land.

Before the colonizer came, there were many traders came in this country that shape us what we called Filipinos. They wrote many good things who were the Filipino people. The history books used in our schools hide the truth of what we are, who we are and what our capabilities.

Yes, we have a life before the Spaniards came. The Laguna Copperplate Inscription dated 822 shows our early writings. The Golden Tara that was found in 1917 at Wawa River displays the glory of Butuan, a province south of the Philippines. It is made of gold. We have a gold industry and our people wear gold from head to foot.The Archeological excavations of 11th century found pottery and gold in Cebu.Some working tools and fragments too were found in Batanes, indicating that gold ornaments were made there some 2,500 years ago. We have metallurgy and shipbuilding. Mostly our people use ship for travel leisurely and business not for warfare like others did.

Before the Spanish forced the Filipino in making ships in Kalakalang Galleon we were already great in making big ships. We were force to do those for their benefits without salary or anything. They enslaved our people and called them indio but we were not. We are the most peaceful and loving group in the South East.

The Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Malays, and even English came to trade with our people. Trades and interracial contacts with out neighboring lands created a flourish in economy and spread of culture and religion.

We do barter. We used barter rings like a small donut as money. They are made of gold. People were very hardworking. We have a rich lands and we planted many things.

Before the Spaniards came, we already have our own alphabet called Baybayin. We are educated and literate people. Each region has their own language and alphabet they uses. We are not Christians but we are religious people. We have many different gods and we are faithful for what we are doing when it comes to the things of God.

We are not naked when they came here. We have different kinds of clothes like those with the Malaysian, Indians and Muslims from our neighboring countries. We have our own Barong Tagalog (dress). When I saw that Barong Tagalog, they are like the dress of the Africans. They have intricate design and different group of people wear different clothes according to what system or group they belong.

We love to decorate our bodies with tattoos. We are wearing different jewelries made of gold. Our weapons are great and for self defense. We have different designs of weapons. The men fished, farmed and fought wars while the women worked in the house, do the laundry, take care the kids and weaved. They were taught when they were young to prepare life.

Maybe our houses are very simple but we don’t use aircon and things that destroy our environment. We live simply. Our houses were decorated sometimes with gold and nobody come to steal them. Some lives in a very simple house made of leaves like the people in the mountain. In Batanes, they built cemented houses in safeguard to the storm but all in all our houses do not need our technology nowadays that destroy our ozone layer.

we are honest, faithful, loving, courteous, and godly.Traders that came in Ma-I former name of the Philippines were so proud of us. One of the author wrote that we are honest people and peace loving.

I do hope that this life that we had before the colonizer came can be seen in our modern book. We have many things to be proud of. We are unique people. We are only destroyed by the meanest and greediest people in the world. We are change for the worst.

I think, if the truth be teach in every school, we will change to what we were before. I was so happy after I learned what we are long time ago.

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