Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

 Starting from October 1, 2016, Seraphicinsights shall become a social platform dedicated to providing knowledge and insights to all of its members and indeed the Online community through the answering of questions by registered members. Since knowledge and information are the intellectual properties of registered members of site, each member that gives an answer to a question submitted by other members would be compensated. This reward system which is sustainable would ensure that everyone strives to give the best answer possible to a question thereby solving a problem that question seeks to address and enhancing the overall knowledge base of the Internet community.



1. What is Seraphicinsights? :— Seraphicinsights is a community website where you earn money by answering questions submitted by members. As the name implies, it is a site of insights and enlightenment for everyone where knowledge is shared and problems are solved through social and intellectual interaction. The Question and Answer forum is a unique feature of this site that affords members the opportunity of asking and answering questions on a wide range of topic, saving them the time of imploring the help of  ‘Google search’ or other search engines. Seraphicinsights aims at building a community of insightful problem solvers through shared knowledge when members give answers questions and share relevant links in the answers they give.




2. Who are ‘Elite Content Creators(ECC)’:— Writing for Seraphicinsights has become a very selective process. Any writer wishing to write and submit articles on seraphicinsights must first apply with a writing sample, accept the terms and conditions and be approved. Writers who get approval to write for Seraphicinsights shall be known as Elite Content Creators(ECC). ECC members earn more from their content.




3. How Does the Q and A Forum Work?:— The Q and A  forum aims at replicating Google search! Instead of the usually algorithm of Google used in obtaining search results, The Q&A section affords everyone the opportunity to ask questions and get direct answers from members of the site. It is a novel platform for interaction, learning and community friendship and members’ activities at the Q and A forum would be compensated. Members are compensated for each answer they give to a particular question asked.



4. How Does the Compensation Plan Work?:— For each answer given to a question by a member that is ‘Accepted’, he or she would earn $0.05. In addition to this, when an answer is voted up, an additional $0.02 would be earned by the ‘Answer’ provider. Note that you can only give one answer to a particular question. There is no restriction to the number of ‘Questions’ you can provide ‘Answers’ to. A member also earns $0.02 when he or she creates a group and $0.01 when he or she joins a group.

You can create an unlimited number of groups and invite an unlimited number of members to join your group



5. What are the Payment Options Available?:—  Payments are made via PayPal.



6. How do I Redeem my Earnings or Request a Payout:— Once you have accumulated $5, you just click the ‘Request Payout’ link to redeem your earnings via Amazon e-Voucher Code. Your requested payout would be paid within 10days from the day the request was made.




7. What are ‘Groups’?— How do they work?:— The groups are niche platforms where people with similar views and opinion share information, insights and messages on diverse topics within the group. Seraphicinsights is a platform to expound members’ knowledge base and the ‘Groups’ play very important role in achieving this. Any registered member can create and join groups. in the future, more reward options would be made available for group activities.


8. Are the Groups free to Join?:— Absolutely. All the groups are free and open to everyone that has been invited. More groups would be added as the site grows based on requests from members.



9. Who can Write for Seraphicinsights?:— Any member interested in writing for seraphicinsights must submit a request to that effect to admin@seraphicinsights.com. Once the application is evaluated and approved, the writer would be required to provide a writing sample of his or her previous article before being allowed to publish on seraphicinsights. Starting from October, 1 2016, writing for seraphicinsights have become restricted and only quality articles and posts would be accepted. Since wring for seraphicinsights has become very selective, the compensation plan for writing on seraphicinsights has become more robust and on a negotiated basis as we believe every good content needs to be adequately compensated. As members improve on their writing skills, they stand a good chance of being admitted into writing and submitting their posts on seraphicinsights as elite content creators.

However, all members can answer questions and continue to earn from the answers they provide to questions asked.


10. How Many Questions Can a Member Answer?: There is no restriction to the number of questions a member can answer. However, a member is restricted to giving only one answer to a particular question. This restriction is put in place to avoid an abuse of the platform and to ensure that members give the best possible answer they can to a particular question.


11. Can I Invite my friends?:— Absolutely. You are permitted to invite your friends to seraphicinsights. You can do this by sending them invites via social media platforms, direct email and also invite them to like the Facebook page.



12. Can I Listen to Music on Seraphicinsights?:— MyRadio is a link to a page where you can listen to a variety of music genres from over 1000 radio stations. Just sect the station you desire, the music genre of your choice and click on the play button.