Homemade Granola Bars and Wrappers

I love to make homemade granola and granola bars. It’s easy, it’s delicious and it’s way better for you than the store-bought versions because you know exactly what’s going in them. You can add (or exclude) nuts, dried fruit, fiber, seeds, extra protein powder…it’s a fun way to experiment in the kitchen! Every time I make a different blend.

I really love to make granola bars for my kids to take to school in their lunches. Especially because my daughter needs extra fuel to stay focused and I know giving her something with added protein and fiber will keep her going throughout the day.

If you are up to experimenting, here’s an easy guide for most granola bar recipes:

Step 1: add 2 parts wet ingredients to 2 part dry (see below for ideas on ingredients)

Step 2: mix, mix, mix.

Step 3: press into a buttered baking dish and bake at 300 for 25-30 minutes.

I love to use honey and peanut butter for my wet ingredients and oatmeal and nuts for my dry with a smattering of chocolate chips but you can mix it up with all kinds of things. Applesauce, agave nectar and maple syrup work great for wet ingredients and dried fruits, seeds and powders work great for dry. (Here’s a super secret tip: sprinkle sea salt on top for extra flair. It’s delicious! Like really really good. A little goes a long way though.)

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Important! If you’re sending your kids to an allergy-free school (or want to be allergy-aware) you might want stick to a simple oat bar recipe like this one. The are so many possibilities.

Of course there are a lot of variables so you will have to experiment to get it just right and you might have a few flops. But don’t worry. Flops make great granola to put on top of a yogurt breakfast or ice cream dessert!  Personally, I love this recipe from Smitten Kitchen and this one for extra crunchy granola bars.

Homemade Granola Bar Wrappers (granola bar storage) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

Once you have your bars made, cut and cooled, it’s time to wrap them up!

You could store the bars in an airtight plastic container OR you could totally go overboard like me and make personalized MOM’S FAMOUS HOMEMADE GRANOLA BAR wrappers!! It’s fun! So, why not?

I know everyone is always complaining about being too busy to do this or that (and, I hear you) but some of us do have some extra time on our hands (or we prioritize our time differently and do what we love and forget about everything else) and little touches like this make our day. I know I’m not the only “extra one” out there. So, look what I’ve made you:

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Homemade Granola Bar Wrappers (printables) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

They are Granola Bar Wrapping Paper Printables for possibly every granola bar maker out there!

Go on. It’ll be fun! (You could even make homemade granola bars as stocking stuffers for Christmas!)

Click here for Mom’s Famous Granola Bars

Click here for Dad’s Famous Granola Bars

Click here for Grandma’s Famous Granola Bars

Click here for Grandpa’s Famous Granola Bars

Click here for Customizable Fill-in-the-Blank Famous Granola Bars

Additionally, you can use these wrappers/labels to send your kids secret messages and fun jokes in their school lunches or after school snacks. It’ll make their day in so many ways.

Homemade Granola Bar Wrappers (DIY ) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

Just wrap up your bars in tinfoil, wax paper or plastic wrap and then wrap the cut-down printable around it on top and seal with tape.

Homemade Granola Bar Wrappers (wrapper note) by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

You can even add in the ingredients too if you like!

Homemade Granola Bar Wrappers by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going back into production mode so I can stock up a month’s supply in the freezer!


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