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                             How It Works

Seraphicinsights is a Question and Answer platform where registered members can ask questions and get answers to questions they ask on any niche topic of their choice.

It is also a job portal where registered members can post jobs or apply for jobs based on their choices and preferences.

This site also has a blog section where articles bothering on solutions to challenges, problems and important information are written to assist all users and visitors to the site learn more around the world and make informed decisions in life based on the information at their disposal.

In other words, seraphicinsights is a social and intellectual platform just like wikianswers and helpowl that brings knowledge and insights to the agitated and inquisitive mind free of cost….It is indeed a platform where Answers and Opportunities Meet

However, the following rules have been detailed for all site users that would ensure the maximum benefit of the site and its content to all registered members and visitors alike.





 Questions and Answers Forum


The Question and Answer forum is a section that can greatly enrich your intellect. Seraphicinsights is designed to be a rich reservoir of knowledge and insights that solves problems by providing solutions through Answers given to Questions asked. You can Ask any Question bothering on any topic and receive Answers from other members and experts who are knowledgeable on the subject area your Questions focus on.

You are also free to ask any type of question and in any category. You can even ask science related questions, medical and health related Questions, Questions in the Arts, religion, sports and also technical Questions, Geo-specific Questions, historical Questions etc. Note that there is no restriction to the type of questions you can ask. There would always be someone who can Answer your Question and keep your mind at ease. The key element here is that your Answers must be helpful to the member asking such Question.

Below are important notes on how this section works and how to use it effectively.


1. Every registered member can ask that mind bugging Question and/or Answer any Question asked within the limits of his or her competence. Any Member that Signs up gets $0.02 as a Sign up bonus.


2. Every Answer can be Voted Up. This increases the reputation of the Answer giver among community members.


3. Questions must be posted in the right category for easy classification and search efficiency.


4. For every Answer given to a particular Question that is Accepted, the member providing the Answer would earn $0.05. For every Answer that is voted up, an additional $0.02 is earned by the giver of such Answer.


5. You can ask an unlimited number of Question. But you are limited to providing just an answer to particular Question. This restriction is placed so that the process would not be abused. It is also intended to ensure that answers are well researched as only the best possible answer is given to a particular question by a member.


6. You can post links from other sites to support the answers you give thereby making your answers more relevant and useful to the question asked.


7. Every Member that refers a New Sign Up gets $0.02


8. Nigerian members have the option of receiving their payment in Naira after Currency conversion at the prevailing official exchange rate.


9. Payments to other members of other nationals would be done via gift Voucher codes.


10. Membership of Seraphicinsights is ABSOLUTELY FREE


11. You can refer to the FAQ page for more information





No member is permitted to solicit for Answers to be Voted Up or Accepted either within Seraphicinsights platform or Elsewhere on the Internet. Seraphicinsights administrators would continue to scout through the Internet to look out for such Violations.


The Answers you give to a Question asked must be well researched, relevant, concise or descriptive. In other words, your Answers must be helpful and aimed at assisting the member who asked such a Question.


Relevant Links to support your Answers is Permitted. However, you shall not post affiliate links, referral links that promote a service or product. Seraphicinsights is designed to solve problems on the go for members who solicit for such services through the Questions they Ask.


You are not permitted to use abusive language, hateful innuendos, remarks that portray violence, religious intolerance, terrorism or any other activity that is inimical to social norms.


Your decision to sign up on Seraphicinsights is a direct affirmation that you agree to the Rules governing this site and any other rule or policy update in the future and also agree to abide by the Provisions of this site as explained in the ‘How It Works’ section of Seraphicinsights.







The groups are Niche Platforms where you can further interact with members passionate about a particular topic. 

Members can take advantage of the groups and interact freely, expressing their minds and opinion on topics that matter to them while gaining knowledge and insights. 

Anyone can Create a group and also join any group of his or her choice.

You get $0.05 for creating a Group and $0.02 for joining a Group





          Submitting Articles

To ensure that all articles and posts on Sraphicinsights complies with quality standards that adds value to the Internet community and is SEO compliant, all article submission requests must be approved. The selection process has become very strict as only quality content would be published. All writers admitted in to writing for seraphicinsights shall be known as Elite Content Creators(ECC)


        Please refer to the FAQ page for more information














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