How to Attract Buyers to an eBay Listing

I regularly sell items on eBay and over the time that I have done so I’ve learned what attracts buyers. I’m now going to share some tips and tricks on how to attract buyers to your eBay listing.


Have an Attractive Listing.

The most important thing is having a listing that is attractive and catches the eye. This means having good quality photos of the item(s) you are going to sell as well as having a nice looking area where all the text and information is. I like to make my font a little bigger where all the information is so it’s easier for people to read. I make sure to bold important words and high light the things that people would be most interested in.


Free Shipping.

It’s pretty crazy but I noticed that some items won’t even get a bid unless they have free shipping. People just love free shipping! I have found a loophole that has been working for me though. I’ll simply just add a couple of dollars to the listing starting price so that technically shipping is covered. It will still look like free shipping to the buyer though because I’ll have the shipping set to $0. Many people will sort their searches by free shipping so there’s a higher chance your item will be seen by more people if you offer free shipping.


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Be Thorough and Truthful.

I find there’s no such thing as oversharing. On eBay sometimes you might get an item that’s not in the best of shape but who’s fault is that really? Sometimes it’s hard to show the exact condition of a product so that’s why you need to really analyze the product and put in the listing anything you might see. If there are no problems then say that too! The more information provided the more it will keep the person thinking about whether or not to buy the product. Also another VERY important tip is to disclose if you smoke or have any pets. Usually people are more interested in products from homes that have neither as this usually means that the products are cleaner.


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Interact with the Buyer.

Buyers may have questions about an item. Make sure you answer questions and then post the answers of the questions right onto your listing. This will help buyers decide if they want to buy the items are not. Be friendly with the buyers and if they have a good experience they might end up following your store and come back and buy more of your listings. Even though it’s an online marketplace treat everyone as if they are coming to your store face to face.


  1. I’m one of those buyers that looks for free shipping. Of course it is expected that the cost is included in the price but I want to know the whole cost up front.

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