How To Can Cinnamon Pears


I do things differently than most people . When I can pears I do not use a water bath or a canner after I put them into the sterile jars .

I use the old fashion way , the poor folks way of making do without having a canner and processing tools .

I reckon I grew up canning things as I was taught by my elders who lived through the depression in the 1930`s , one of those people was my father . We did not measure anything we went by taste .

This is what you will need :




Half Pint jars with new lids and bands .

A large stainless steel cooking pot and a smaller cooking pot .

A large slotted spoon and a small serving spoon .


First peel and core your pears . Rinse pears . Chop the pears into one inch chunks .

Put pears into the large stainless steel cooking pot and add water just below the level of the pears . NOTE : the pears will make some water of their own .

Bring Pears to rolling boil and reduce heat to medium .

Now comes to the taste , How sweet do you want them ? How much cinnamon do you like ?

Add sugar a little at a time and mix well into the pears , Add Cinnamon a little at a time and mix throughly and cook a minute before tasting to let the flavors mingle . Adjust to your likings .

Cook pears till they can be sliced with the stirring spoon , usually around twenty to thirty minutes .

Put a large pot of water on to boil . When at a rolling boil and using tongs dip each canning jar into the water , do as many as you need for the amount of pears you are cooking . Do not worry if you sterilize to many jars . Put the sterile jars on a clean dish towel . Now add the jar lids and rings , reduce heat and let simmer till you need them .

Now lets put the cooked cinnamon pears in jars and seal them .

Keep pears at the boiling point all the way till the moment you put them in the jars . They must be hot !

With a large serving spoon fill jars up to 1/2 inch of the rim with the cinnamon pears . Take a clean wet cloth wipe the rim off making sure no food is on it . Using tongs lift a lid out of the hot water by the rim of the ring . Put on top of the jar and screw down tight . Set the filled jar out of the way to cool.

As the Pears cool you will hear a ” pop ” and that means the jar is sealed . Store in a cool dark place till you serve them .


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The open kettle canning method described in this article is not considered safe by food safety experts. While many families have used this method for generation without incident, it is not recommended for those who have never used it before. For more information on safe canning methods, please check with your local university extension office or similar food safety authority.

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