How to Get a Sick Dog to Eat

Photo by NatalieMaynor

Humans often do not feel like eating when they are feeling sick or unwell.  Dogs who fall ill lose their appetites too.  Humans and dogs need food for strength.  Fighting a disease requires fuel for humans and dogs alike.


You should always ask your veterinarian how much, how little and what types of foods your dog should eat when he is ill.  You certainly do not want a dog who is sick eating something that will complicate his condition.


1.  If your dog has a favorite treat and he easily recognizes that treat bag or treat jar, place his regular food in that bag or jar signals “treats” loud and clear.    Use the same excitement you express when giving your dog his treats when you are actually giving his regular food from inside the treat container.


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2.  If your dog loves to hang around the human table when the family eats, place your ailing dogs food dish on the family table while the humans are eating.  You can cover the dish that has the dog food on it if you’d like. After all family members have finished eating, place the dog’s food dish in its regular eating spot.  Hey, if the food comes from the people-food table, it has to be good.


3.  If you humans use the same plates every day for your dinner, put your dog’s food on one of those people plates.  For some reason, eating off the same plates used by a dog’s beloved humans does have a big draw to it.


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4.  If your ailing dog is turning his nose up at the dry found he once enjoyed, add some warm water to the dry food to spread the flavors around and to make the food easier to get down due to not having to do a lot of chewing.


  1. Oh! Comments are now open. I saw it closed this morning. I like your articles. You have a lot to say about pets. It’s true. We should also treat our dogs as member of our family. Sad to say in our house, our parents are against this. They treat dogs as animals only. No special treatment. Well, they have changed though. Before they beat our dogs whenever they misbehave. We kept on educating them that dogs are like humans. They shouldn’t be beaten.

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