How to Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet

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Do not mock me for this but it’s a problem that has been bothering me. I considered the idea of getting a cat but honestly I ca not stand the fact of having to deal with it’s litter box in the house. It brings an weird smell plus it’s not a beautiful view. Anyway I documented myself on the internet and to my surprise there are also other cat owners, or “wannabe” cat owners who have the same problem. There are a dozen of tutorials on this matter on YouTube.

This is the most interesting article that I found:

It provides you with a lot of details.

The only problem is that doing this requires a lot of patience, patience that most of us do not have have. Gathering the necessary supplies I guess it’s not an issue because they aren’t all that expensive and most of us can afford buying such items. The only problem that comes to my mind is the fact that cats like most of us know are not that smart as dogs. So there are chances of failure. Be prepared for that and do not just get a cat in the idea that you will be training it into using the toilet. An animal has a heart and believe it or not has feelings. You can not just dump it as a toy because it doesn’t make you happy or fulfill your needs. Buying or adopting a pet is a huge responsibility that you must be sure you can handle.

I see many animals abandoned and in most of the cases their former owners didn’t realize the implications of owning a pet.

Anyway, there are people who encourage us into considering the downsize of toilet training. This can cause stress for your cat and many more information you can find it here

So toilet training isn’t for anyone. Be sure you are ready to have the patience needed and also face the possible disappointment if your cat isn’t responding the way you would expect

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