Important Tips while Travelliing to The Netherlands

The Netherlands is quite a small country in comparison to some of its neighbours but it has plenty of interesting places for tourists. I had been underestimating Amsterdam until I saw the pictures from my friends’ trip. That was the moment when I realized that I want to visit Amsterdam too.

I visited Amsterdam at the end of April which was the right time. I booked plane tickets a couple of month earlier to get cheaper rates and start planning my trip. As more or less experienced traveler I knew what services to use to arrange a great trip. I used to create my road trip map, and start packing my suitcase.

Airport. Amsterdam airport Schiphol is one of the biggest airports in Europe. It was very easy to get to Amsterdam from the airport as it has good ground transport network. The train station is located right beneath the airport, and the bust station is located in front of the terminal building.

Accommodation. It is worth noting that Amsterdam offers accommodation for all budgets. I stayed in City Center Bed and Breakfast. Despite the fact that the accommodation is located in the centre of the city, it was calm and cozy to stay there. There is only one tiny minus, which can be a real problem for some people – you have to share bathroom facilities with other guests.

Canal ring. Amsterdam is located on canals and these canals form canal rings. You can walk through the streets and just enjoy the architecture of the city. Or you can take a boat cruise or even rent a boat for a private trip. You will have a feeling like you are in Italian Venice.

Tourists attractions. If one day you have a chance to visit Amsterdam, take some time to Van Gogh Museum. It is a modern museum that displays the biggest collection of Van Gogh works – around 200 paintings and more than 500 sketches. Even if you are not a huge art fan, you will like the design of the building where museum is located. The museum is so highly visited, that administration of museum decided to extend working hours – on Fridays museum works till 10 pm.

Another attractive and interesting museum of the Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum. The museum has a great collection of famous paintings like The Night Watch by Rembrandt or Woman reading a letter by Vermeer.

Do not forget to visit Begijnhof courtyard – a charming garden with beautiful houses and space for privacy and rest. As some houses are still occupied, tourists are asked to be quiet.

Brown Café. After a long day of exploring the city, you might want to relax in one of the pubs or restaurants of Amsterdam. I advise you to visit one of the oldest cafes in Amsterdam – Brown. It has unique old-fashioned atmosphere, good staff and reasonable prices. People love this place that is why it is always overcrowded but it is worth being visited.

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