Insights: When Angels Write, They Earn!

I did not realize how creative the founders of Seraphic Insights are until I have read in one of the CEO’s message referring to seraphicinsights writers as seraphim. That’s right, it’s a name for a group of angels, and everyone that comes here to write can be called by that name. Oh what a pressure it is. In fact, Seraphim occupies the highest rank among all angels, as spiritual tradition says. I am an angel now, so I’d better be careful in expressing my ideas into writing. Being an angel entails bigger responsibilities and that is where I am scared. Lol!

I am thinking, from now on, I would be choosy when it comes to my topics. Like an angel, my topics should be helpful, and that I should be watchful all the time against plagiarism and spamming. Just like what this site reiterate, no porn, no vulgarities, no offensive articles. I would adapt that too, to live up to my name as an angel. It’s great to know that angels write and earn here.

What about you? Do you realize you have become an angel too when you registered in this site? What are your topics?

Whatever they are, I hope we stick to that vision. The founders did not name this site after an angel if they don’t have angelic vision. Break a leg everyone!

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5 Comments on "Insights: When Angels Write, They Earn!"

  1. wow what a name is selected for us all as Authors over here. I am so much happy to know about this beautiful name.

    • It is really beautiful. I hope I can live up to the idealism presented. Everyone is an angel, let’s make good things happen.

  2. I never had time to read the entire information about this site. Wow, I’m an angel too.! We should avoid in becoming a sinner for a site’s safety like plagiarizing and spamming comments.

    • I have goosebumps when I learned about that too. I hope the vision/mission of the site corresponds to its name. I am angel now and so are you. 🙂

  3. I am so proud to be an angel, and I must conduct myself as one.

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