Kepler 452b – Another Earth-Like Planet

Looks like NASA has found another earth-like planet. But they say this one seems to be more Earth like than they’ve seen before. They call it Kepler 452b. It’s a little bigger than our earth, and a little older. But it does seem to have much of the same life-substaining elements that we have.

They have found that it obit’s around it’s Sun in much of the same time-legnth as ours, Earth 2.0 is about 20 days longer, making it a 385 day year. It is in the “Goldilocks Zone” scientists say. The Goldilocks Zone is where a planet is just far enough from it’s sun, and just far enough inward, away from the outer limits of life. We are in a “Goldilocks Zone” of our solar system.

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All they know for sure right now, is that it has water, and lots of it, as well as a rocky surface, like us. This planet discovery now brings the total planets to 1,030. I don’t know if these are just Earth-like, or planets in general, that we have found.

Now, my questions….. Assuming this Kepler 452b is pretty close to our Earth, and there is some kind of life there, What have we to say about this planet, how do we know they’re not saying the same about Earth? What if they “discovered” Earth, (but named it something else). They would have seen it as a water and rocky planet, like their own. What if they just “assume” there is life on this planet, but really don’t know.

 The Kepler 452b is one of 1,030 planets we have found. I’m not sure at this point, how many of those are earth-like.

But, I’ve always said that I’d believe more in ghost’s before I would believe of life on another planet. No life has ever been positively found on any of these thousand plus planets tho. And I’m still not 100% convinced there are “aliens”. (Fallen Angels are not aliens in my book. They are Angels, which is a whole different being.) But…. what if.

What if these “aliens” look nothing like what we might think they would. What if there is another “you”, a twin of you say 5 times smarter, than you. What if they won’t, or don’t talk….communication is done telepathically. But then again, these planets just might be earth-like and barren, void of any life. But that doesn’t mean life is unable to be on a particular planet either.

With the technology we have now, it would be virtually impossible for us to go check these other planets out. Most of them are millions of light years away. Our nearest star is only 4.2 light years away, but it would still take humans thousands of years to get to it.

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  1. Ooooh, sounds like a “first contact” scenario. I love the idea!

    Wondering what my space agency contact will have to say about this discovery, if anything. I checked to see if he’d posted anything, but he’s probably away from his computer at the moment. He said something about vacation…

  2. I read about the Earth 2.0 in my favorite astrology site. It is told to be bigger and older than our mother earth and that it is in the constellation Cygnus. As it is over 140 light years away we have only to build a space vehicle capable of traveling at the speed of light to reach there in 140 years!

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