How to Make your Site’s Content Appear on Google’s First Page

Writers, Bloggers, and Authors should know the importance of having ad words and bold titles related to their work. It’s important to make it on Google. Making it on the first page of Google allows writers to gain exposure and if the work is ahead of top companies, broadcasting stations, and newspapers then that’s a sign that a writer is “elevating.” Their name becomes larger and more opportunities open up. If a writer or blogger can be found all over the web then that’s a sign that work was put in.

Google is a giant company and making it on the second page just isn’t good enough. At least one article, post, or online newspaper article should be on the front page of “Google.” With all the competition it may not always be easy to make it there. Even being at the bottom of the first page generates views and exposure. Of course writers should try to work their way up!

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Words that catch advertisers attention should be inserted into the post or article. It’s the advertising that generates the revenue so there should be some focus on placing words that advertisers smile about. If writers, authors, and bloggers aren’t sharing their work and others aren’t sharing or reading their work then there will be no “movement.” That’s why it’s important that writers and bloggers project friendly networking. There’s some writers that have more connections then others and they’re in a position to assist some way. If the networking is filled with bashing and hate then the writers who can assist will focus more on their work.

That means that a lot of writers will be at a stand still. The posting on social media will be a waste of time if writers are mean to one another. The likelihood of the writers making it on the first page of Google is lowered tremendously. Perhaps some writers may be more in tuned with the competitiveness and not be so concerned with “building.”

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Some writers, bloggers, as well as authors may not focus on the business side of writing but perhaps there should be consideration. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are companies that are popular of course Google is number 1. Making on their first page is a good indication that a writer is headed somewhere. Somewhere beats going nowhere.


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