Making money with thrift stores and eBay.

I just love making money. Who doesn’t? One of the ways that I make money is by buying items and reselling them, usually through eBay. My main items that I enjoy buying and reselling are video games. There have been numerous times where I have found video games used at a rather low price and then have been able to resell them at their real value which is usually always much higher!

One great example of that was when I found a rare older video game selling for $14.99 at a thrift shop. That’s a rather high price for a thrift shop so I’m assuming they knew that this game was somewhat valuable. I ended up cleaning the game up and reselling it on eBay for $50. I wish that would happen more but I don’t always get that lucky.

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There are other items that are great for making money with at thrift stores. I even have a friend that makes money from time to time going to thrift stores and then reselling what he buys there on eBay. EBay is just a wonderful online market and I really think a lot of people could be successful with it if they took the time to figure it out. I won’t lie, selling on eBay is very time consuming. It takes me about a hour to make one listing. You have to really know your product and you have to provide pictures. You also have to know the weight of the package and how you plan on shipping it. This means you’ll have to spend money on shipping supplies. It is possible to make money going to the thrift store and reselling but like any job it can be time consuming.

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