Member Obligations

When you become a member of an online site or program, there are rules and regulations you need to follow. These rules and regulations are available as Terms Of Service (TOS) or Terms Of Use (TOU). It is a member’s responsibility to read, understand and follow the site’s terms. Failure to do so can result in your termination from the site.

Rules and regulations can also be located in FAQs or a Learning Center. A member is wise to navigate the entire site prior to using it so as not to violate any rules. Administrators do not often tolerate ignorance of their terms because these are legal issues that must be presented.

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Every TOS has a clause that allows changes as necessary. For that reason, it is every member’s obligation to review the terms of a site from time to time. Not all administrators take the time to notify members of change.

At any time a member does not agree with a site’s terms, they are expected to terminate their membership and refrain from using any part of the site or program. A member will probably lose any accumulated earnings or payment for membership.

These are the obligations of membership. Do not take these obligations lightly. Schedule yourself time to review terms on a regular basis.


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  1. Thank you so much for reminding all of us to do our due diligence, Irene! The TOS has been updated today o reflect the change in minimum post length, and we have also added a reference date so the Seraphim will be able to quickly detect any changes when they visit the page.

    And of course, changes will be announced in our official Facebook support group, “Insightful Seraphim.” The group can be found easily by searching the name on FB, or users can find a direct link on my profile 🙂

    ~ Ruby3881, Facebook group moderator

  2. Thanks for the great post, I have to refresh my memory sometimes, it is letting me down these days! Hehe!

  3. There’s obligations that we must meet. Reading and gathering information is important and this reminder is important.

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