Mother Teresa Lives in Me

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She died 18 years ago on this day (September 5) but she is alive in me even now. I believe, thousands others will echo my words. Over five thousand Missionary Brothers and Sisters of Charity follow the path taught by her in serving the poorest of the poor. There are Missionaries of Charity Fathers and Missionaries of Charity Contemplatives as well, making their immeasurable contribution in the great movement of love begun by Mother Teresa. I was never a member of the religious congregation founded by her but I find myself guided by her words every day. I often see her walk before me and hear her speak to me. Whenever I visit Mother House at 54A, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Basu Road, Kolkata, I see her life size statue in the chapel, exactly as she used to kneel, and I feel she would stand any moment and greet me with her loving, tender and welcoming voice saying, “Brother, I’m glad to see you.”
As a fresh college student in Kolkata, I was initiated into her way of service at the Missionaries of Charity (Brothers) House at DumDum Cantonment. Later, I was given opportunity to work in Tiljala and Kalighat. At Kalighat, in south Kolkata, there is the ancient temple of the Goddess Kali and just beside it, the House for the Dying Destitute founded by Mother Teresa. While serving the dying there I was baptized by fire, so to say. In fact, anybody can receive this baptism if God wills so. After bathing and feeding the near-death inmates no one can remain same. A divine grace will fall on the person and transform him or her unaware. And, if you happen to listen to the inmates, you will gather precious gems not found anywhere else. One of the inmates once said, “Who is my Kali Ma?”, and pointing to the Sisters with a shivering finger he continued, “These are my Kali Ma.”
Later, I went for training in leprosy care in Gandhiji Prem Niwas, Titagarh, where the challenge and experience was different from what I had had so far.
Though I remind myself of Mother’s guidance by reading books on her, the words that shine before me as guiding light are, “Brother, keep loving Jesus in his poor.” That’s what I endeavor to do in my humble work every day.

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  1. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and the highest civilian award of India, Bharat Ratna, awarded by the high levels of service to the nation. she also received a dozen other awards and recognition worldwide

  2. Mother Teresa was a real Humanitarian. She loved people and cared for the poor. Anyone with that quality should is blessed and should be proud of themselves for having such a giving heart.

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