Naturally Getting Rid Of Acid Reflux


Acid Reflux: It’s a demon that prevails among all of us at different times, but we can’t deny its existence. Yes, I’m speaking of hyper acidity and acid re-flux disease of the stomach. It’s seriously horrible and being a victim of the disease for so many years, I have combined a few good remedies to get a near instant relief. Let’s hope these might be of some help –

  1. Milk and soda water – A mixture of cold milk and soda water in equal quantities may help. You have to drink it sip by sip slowly. Take about half a glass at first and if it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated, you can take some more.
  2. Fruits – Bananas and apples help to curb the acid attacks and restore a natural acid balance in the stomach. A banana first thing in the morning always helps.
  3. Hangover therapy – If you’re suffering from a mad hangover which has resulted in the acid re-flux, drink plenty of fluids. Plain water won’t be too good because you may vomit, try lemonade with some fizz.
  4. No solid foods for a while – Until you’ve completely recovered from the acid attack, try avoiding solid foods or heavy foods for that matter because that might end up making you feel more bloated.
  5. Try to be active – Go take a walk for sometime but just don’t lie around. Lying down makes the acid come up because there’s no gravity acting on it so you may feel worse.

Well, that’s it for now. You can try whichever suits you and see how it works. 

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