Our Re-branding Process is On– We are Cleaning Up Seraphicinsights


Dear Seraphims,

It has been indeed a checkered journey on Seraphicinsights and the high point of it all is that at every stage we have learned from it. Today, Seraphicinsights is being re-branded and we are going back to the original vision of the site which is to be a huge knowledge reservoir for all internet users. In realization of this vision, we have taken steps to revive and revitalize the site.  Here are some of the measures and re-organizations we are undertaking on Seraphicinsights:

1.  We are deleting some posts that have no SEO value. This we believe would give the site more credibility and trust by the search engines and boost the site’s page ranking.

2. We are also editing some posts which are good and informative but lack the necessary SEO finishing for a great post. Editing of these posts include the use of appropriate images with the right sizes that fits the sites theme, re-writing the post title, setting meta description, setting a keyword or key phrase and including outbound links.

3. As you may have observed, the default font used for the site is Tahoma and the default text color is black. This would be uniform for all posts on Seraphicinsights.

4. All images now have alt tag and description. This is a necessary SEO tool for search engines to index and interpret the images appropriately. 

5. Some duplicate categories are being deleted and streamlined.

6. All posts now have a minimum of 300 words. This is the minimum set by Yoast SEO.

7. Writers will now only be able to submit from the front end. We believe this would be most convenient for writers and save beginners the trouble of navigating and using the WordPress backend dashboard which may sometimes be challenging.

8. There are job boards on seraphicinsights. As a social platform, we believe that registered members and other site users may be interested in finding jobs and applying for them. Seraphicinghts has an array of job portals to choose from where you can search, find and apply for jobs both within and outside your country. It’s just very easy to use.

In coming days when we shall have concluded with the cleaning up process of the site, members can begin to submit posts and get paid immediately without waiting for lengthy days for cashout request to be processed. Please do refer to the ‘How it works’ section and the FAQ section for further details and clarification.

Thanks and God bless you all.



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