Overcome Adversity by Pondering on the Elevation

Adversity can not stop “growth.” No matter how difficult things seem to be and no matter how many try to hinder the process. Elevation can still occur. Adversity is a means to develop strength and gain more knowledge. What is designed for another. Mankind can not take away. Of course they’ll try. No one can avoid adversity and as time goes by, we’ll learn how to deal with adversity better. There will be “breakthroughs.”

In trying to overcome adversity, problems may arise, get solved and then some more may arise again. No problem is too much to bare. We all should be thankful for That! Not all adversity is deserved. Some adversity is man made but even so. There’should ways to get through the road blocks. Patience is necessary. May not be easy but it’s the best way to generate some peace. Being inpatient can generate stress and more problems are developed.

We’ll have to deal with some very difficult people. Some who can cause some hair to fall out but we must be patient with the individuals. Some will help generate some “blessings.” Seems a bit strange but true. Through their acts. Blessings could arrive. So going through some adversity can be quite rewarding. “Ponder on That.” ( Tanikka Paulk).

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Never be despaired when trouble enters. The troubles will leave eventually and everything will come together. Sometimes going through rough patches isn’t understood but we have to go through something. There’s lessons and blessings. Appreciate all. When trying to “rise up” There will be some pain but there will also be some glory! Life can be unpredictable and yes, we would want to avoid some of the heartache, but we’ll overcome. Oh yes we will.

Thoughts of memories which generate happiness can help with quicker healing. Everyone will experience pain. Some more than others. Have to find ways to stay uplifted and joyful. There will times where we’ll become annoyed. Just tell the troubles to be blessed. Dance, have fun, and engage in positive activities. Elevate through it all. Some will be amazed at the “progression.” Smile, wave, and keep going.

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In the beginning. A lot may not know how to deal with adversity but eventually they will. There will be some who insist on stopping a “purpose.” What’s for a person is for a person. No amount of tactics used when prevent purpose from occurring. Think about moving up and up! Remain confident and continue to grow and admire the finish product. Wait on the blessings, breakthroughs, and abundance.


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