Raising A Pit Bull Dog

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My dog is a mix of Pit Bull and Boxer, but he is a smart mutt! We got him when he was about seven weeks old and now he has just turned one year old. We don’t know for sure, but now that he reached a bit of maturity, I can say that he has no boxer blood in him. He has so many spots like a Dalmation. Whatever he is, we love him!

I have a fear of Pit Bull before we got our puppy because of what I have heard about Pit Bull. Thus, I put in the time to learn more about this type of breed and why they had such a bad reputation. It all comes down to how the owner raises or handles the pup.

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The two main television shows that I watched and credited to are: Cesear 911 and Pit Bulls and Parolees. I saw their Pit Bull dogs as normal loving dogs without any aggression. Knowing the type of dog breed helps me tremendously in identify their characteristics and personalities.

There are certain activities that I won’t allow my children to carry out with our dog, such as pulling and tugging, or hanging on toy in the air. In short, anything that will bring out aggressions in this breed is forbidden. Our dog turns out to be such a loving and sweet dog.

We often blame the dog for their bad behavior because we don’t understand the breed of dog that we are handling. Pit Bulls are in fact have big loving hearts!

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  1. A lot of times the problem with an animal is due to the owner not handling or training the dog properly. It’s always a pleasure when we meet owners who have done their homework, and taken the time to learn what the breed needs in terms of handling and obedience training.

    • Sadly, the fault often fell on the owners but the dogs got to the punishment or put to dead. My fear of Pit Bull gave me the reasons to learn more about this breed although I still am not comfortable seeing Pit Bull running toward me yet 🙂

  2. People teach Pits how to be aggressive. Unfortunate because their aggression caused so many injuries and deaths. Dogs are taught misbehavior and later blamed for it.

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