Have You Received Your Bonus Payment?


Seraphicinsights is glad to announce that it has commenced sending out a re-branding bonus payment to select members. Eventually, all eligible members would receive theirs. Since we announced a total overhaul of the business and operational structure of seraphicinsights, the team have been working behind the scenes to make the site more search engine friendly and better position its to meet its financial obligations to members that write for the site. All the changes we have instituted have been well spelt out in the ‘How It Works’ section and in the FAQ.

The changes we have made on seraphicinsights would ensure the sustainability of the site and make it truly a knowledge base for all users. To this end, we embarked on the deletion of some posts that are very poor and non-SEO compliant and we have also tried to edit and modify several others to suit the demands of search engine bots. All these measures would ensure that the site is re-positioned in order to met its initial vision as a knowledge reservoir for all.

Have you started writing already? Read the How it works section and FAQ carefully and start earning right away.




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