Remain Uplifted by Believing

It’s so important to believe in the journey. Believe in the vision. Never feel despaired when adversity arises. Trouble will come and go. If one doesn’t believe in their vision then no one else will. No matter how it appears to be. There’s light shinning somewhere. Remain full of hope. When on a journey there will be a lot of people trying to discourage. Remove doubts and “prosper.” It’s up to the individual and individuals whether to keep going or not. There should be thoughts of succeeding.

Don’t ever feel defeated. Each day is a day filled with an achievement or achievements. The critics will say whatever it is they want to say but no amount of criticism should discourage a “visionary.” No one should stop following their dreams just because others decided not to follow their dreams. Some may feel despaired due to setbacks but setbacks will arise. Sometimes it takes trying three or four times before reaching the desired success level.

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Never feel bad about moving slowly. Some days there will be faster movement and other times it may seem as if the clock isn’t moving. The journey will be filled with a lot of lessons. Some will come and go. Some should be left behind. Think prosperity. Not just financial prosperity but think about a better way of living. There’s some who are satisfied with having less. Some will always want more but there should always be a desire to improve.

Success doesn’t occur overnight. Not high levels of success anyway. There’should success when completing tasks. We’re accomplishing each day. We’ve succeeded when we’remove viewing the sunlight coming through the window pane. There’should another opportunity. Another day to advance. There should be positive thoughts even when negativity has made its way in. Some days will be more challenging than others. “Always remain hopeful.”

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There’s no way of getting around the adversity. The adversity will build strength. Everything will come together. The key is to keep moving upwards. If today has a setback then try again tomorrow but never think about giving up. Doesn’t matter how much resistance there is. The hecklers will heckle on. The journey will have some ups and downs. The goal is to reach the finish line. “Always Believe in Self.” By: Tanikka Paulk


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