Samsung Mobile Schedules An Unpacked “Google Episode” Event At CTIA

Just a couple of hours ago, Samsung’s PR team sent over an invite for an event entitled “Google Episode” that takes place in the San Diego Convention Center on October 11th during CTIA. While the email did not state any more details aside from the specific location and the 11:30 AM starting time, the event coincides with the expected debut of Google’s upcoming release of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, the one-liner on the invite hints at that too: “Join us at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 to get a look at what’s new from Android.”

Samsung Mobile appears to possibly have an exclusive when it comes to the first device to make a debut with the next generation Android OS. Those looking to tune into the keynote can enjoy a live stream on the YouTube Android channel. Samsung will definitely have a new “super phone” to announce with some impressive hardware even though they just rolled out the Galaxy S II in the United States following an international launch earlier this year.

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This holiday season is starting to sound quite interesting considering Apple will have a new iPhone on store shelves as well. While Google has spent most of its annual I/O 2011 conference drawing attention to Honeycomb for tablets, I sure hope they have some major innovations when it comes to the next generation operating system for smart phones.

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