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Value, benefits, customer expectations, competition, target and market are all terms that describe marketing or marketing a social practice in which people carry out exchange of products and services. But what does it denote when we talk about search engine marketing or online marketing? At present, this practice is the most extensively used and the most recommended for businesses with online presence whose main aim is to be in the top positions of searches related with it.

Being one among the top positions in the results pages of search engines ensure good traffic since an active user too often look straight into the first page of the search engine results. We can very well break down the search engine marketing or online marketing process into two individual parts, namely search engine ad campaigns and the natural positioning on search engines. But at the same time, the two should complement each other.

With both the process,  it is intended that the website appears top in the result pages of search engines when a customer wants to know about a particular product or service. The search engine optimization or SEO is a process used to increase the visibility of a website in the result pages of the search engines. This is possible only through organic or natural results, that is without paying anything to have a top position. 

It requires tactical planning and a careful analysis of particular keywords as decided by a skilled technician. SEO requires regular maintenance too. The results are slower, but the traffic received is free. To carry out a good search engine marketing strategy takes into account various aspects.There are no secret methods for positioning a website on top in the result pages of search engines. For good positioning, it is essential to be reliable and have good content.

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