Selling Clothes and Books on Ebay

This year has been my break out year . I have made many on line accounts that I refused to do before . A couple are for selling used stuff . I talked about Craig`s list but I don`t think I have about eBay .

See this is my problem, I hate clutter ! But I had some nice clothing that is new, some still with tags some not and books, a few collectibles too .

I listed twenty items free . After a week I sold something and I was happy . Next I went through more things and I now have fifty items listed .

Then it happened, I sold nothing and I decided to just get rid of all this stuff I don`t want collecting dust .

Bam ! I sold more .

Another spell came around and this time I was for real, its all going .

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Yesterday I sold two items and then when I checked my ebay this morning I had another item sold .

Then I noticed I have another week left to list womens clothing free and collectibles for free . Usually there is a charge for selling an item but to my understanding only if it sells .

Hopefully I will earn another month of free listings because its time to pull out the Fall and Winter clothing .

Now what to do with the tub of clothing that I still have listed ? Make room in the closet and give Ebay a chance .

I know sometimes I just want things done right away and then its over and clean but I think I have to give this site more time, for people to find me . Maybe make a few free shipping listings .

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Do you sell on ebay ? If so what is your best selling items ? How many items do you have listed and what is your pay day amount to ? Twenty dollars this week is good for junk I did not want .

By Andria Perry


  1. How does shipping work on E-Bay or Craigslist? Is shipping billed to the customer separately or do you have to plan for shipping cost when you price the item?

  2. I’ve never sold on Ebay but have considered it. I’m not sure if I will test it out or not. I’m hearing more and more about sellers selling on Ebay and their experiences and mostly positive.

  3. lol Nobody likes to collect dust, I just want to ave what I need. And my wife has no concern what is extra in her cupboard. Because she has not such spare time to make things ironed. But she had 15 annual leaves during past weeks and she spent just resting and meeting with her near relatives and friends. Good thing is that al least you are doing good job.

  4. i actually wanted to try out on ebay last year, but then in my country before doing that there are many registrations to be done as a seller, hence i dropped that idea..sad

  5. Have you ever checked with a consignment store for your clothing? We have them here and we also have places that buy your clothing from you and sell in their stores, then you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping to who buys it. Would be easier and probably cheaper for you that way.

  6. I did sell stuff on ebay a while back. The fee ended up getting too high and I was having problems with people saying that didn’t get the packages when the tracking number said they did. It has about a year since I have sold anything there.

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