Insights: Looking for a Foreign Mate

Don’t jump into conclusion by just seeing the title. No, I am not looking for one. I am happily doing what I am doing at the moment and I don’t want interruptions. It’s just that I noticed something is happening – I am not sure if it’s for the better or for the worst.

When I was twenty years old, looking for a foreign mate was through snail mail. I don’t know how others did it. Maybe their friends and relatives have married foreign nationals and they were introduced to a neighbor or friend. Admittedly, only a few were able to do it successfully. That was the time when long distance relationships rarely works. As for me, I only started having friends abroad when the Internet and email became widespread. But look at what is happening today, everywhere you can see the line “Looking for a foreign mate?”. It is in every social media – FB, twitter, Pinterest, downloading sites, revenue sharing sites, to mention a few.

I said it might be for the better because interracial marriages will flourish. However, it might be for the worst as well, because establishing relationship is easier now and so some people tend to make it a hobby. In that sense, these sites have transformed into something else rather than being the promoter of happy marriages. If I were to suggest, these tips would help you in finding the right mate using these sites.

1. Join these sites only when you are serious enough in finding the one you want to live with forever.

2. Make sure to look at the credentials of the person your are hitching with.

3. Upon finding someone, do not decide right away. Make sure to research about him and his character, in and out of that site. Fb can help you in this area. Long term correspondence will help you see the person behind that online photo. Self-made introductions should never be used to decide. Never believe according to what he said, but always listen to what your heart tells you – that’s called gut feeling.

4. Pray for guidance. Meditation is listening to God and checking your inner self – ask what you really want. If you don’t believe in God, then use reflection in seeking signs, if that person is truly right for you.

5. Lastly, you can ask for a date, even for a short moment. He/ she can fly to where you are and spend some time with each other. Wedding should only be included in the discussion, only when you are sure enough about each other.

If you have other choice, do it another way. In seeking perfect relationship, try finding the one as you go along in your personal life. Travel a lot to meet people. Do not dwell much in finding a mate online.

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  1. well i won’t jump to the conclusion and i have read this post top to bottom and i would like to say social sites often helps to get a good partner but its good to have relations in real life and the foreign mates need time to be faithful actually

  2. My son met his fiancé online four years ago. They will be married in December. Theirs is not a foreign match, but I am amazed at how right they are for each other.

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