Seraphicinsights: Are You Really the New Hope?

There is a question that keeps playing in my mind, now that I have signed up here in this new site. Is this the new hope of the people who were once a part of sites with concept the same as this? Or is this just a temporary replacement.

I am forever grateful to people who have the heart for the less fortunate. They always develop something that helps in alleviating the standards of living everywhere. The question is, is Seraphicinsights an advocacy? Or this is just the same kind of site that’s born out of founders’ selfish interests. That remains to be seen. This is still a budding site, and let us work hard for it fully bloom and see for ourselves the beauty of being here.

I am working with some companies abroad and so by definition, I am here not so much for the money, but for exposure. But we all know, others are here to really earn and I hope they are getting what they want from here. In the coming days I know I’d be writing more articles; asking questions perhaps, giving observations, sharing my life as an online worker, and so on.

Now, going back to “I am not here for the money” thing, that is a bit true and a bit false. So I’d rather stay in between. I have many things going on that I cannot put anywhere on the web. While I like them posted online, I’d also like to earn (even just a bit of it) from them. The idea is, I am not working fulltime in an office. I am a home-based worker and so every second of my time online is precious. I’d rather spend my time productively. In other words, I consider being here in Seraphicinsights as the most productive way a mom can use her time. I’d rather be here saying things that inspire, than be somewhere destroying someone else’s life. I’d rather be a good example, than be a useless troll pinning people down.

So this is it, this is my first day. I hope I am going to like the atmosphere here. Hopefully, the site would stay long and be blessed, so that all people who are here will also be happy and gay.

Happy day everyone!

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  1. Thinking and with positive hope I am sure like me and you @BRILLIANT everyone must have join this site and working also. Let’s cross finger and pray to god that everything will work smoothly

      • The CEO’s post of May 3rd should have put your fears to rest. The foremost goal you should bring is your love of writing and sharing. Monetary compensation is a meek bonus.

        To make a living at writing requires much more effort and structure as you are expected to write according to specific instructions.

        • That’s nice of you. Thanks for the info, but even then promises can’t guarantee this site. All we have to do is have faith and do what we only allot to do without expecting.

  2. We have no guarantees with many of the sites out there, so we may be setting ourselves up for disappointment, but it is good that we take chances in life.

  3. Regardless of how much or how little the revenue share, I think it’s important for the site to fulfil its promises to pay. I have hope that this one will turn out well, but I think we’re all understandably leery of writing sites at the moment.

    • after what had happened to some writing sites in the past, we can’t help but feel that way. As I’ve told debbie, it is about taking chanced.

  4. Hope for us all, I am one of those that need the money, I have only made $.48 cents so far, not too impressing. It has been hung on that amount since the 5th. If I can not earn I will not be here long! You have to eat!

  5. Actually seraphincinsight is really the new hope, i had of it for a long time but was not able to join, but now i have made it! am now a member, but the quetion is how would this put money in my wallet? is this real?

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