Seraphicinsights Is Rebranding

Dear Seraphims,

It has been a while since I last spoke to you and all I can say is that we have been working silently in the background to fashion a new way for seraphicinsights which would be sustainable and beneficial to all stakeholders. There is so much in the offing and I would resist the temptation of letting the cat out of the bag yet. All I ask is that you stay tuned to the site until we finish the planning and give Seraphims the direction the site would go.

However, one hint I shall give is that seraphicinghts would be resourceful to all visitors that come to it and all good writers would be rewarded instantly. Seraphicinsights shall be very selective in admitting writers and posts as only posts that meet certain SEO guidelines would be approved and appear on the site. You are aware that some sites that operated on the same model we did have closed up and the latest indeed was Persona Paper. To this end, our re-branding is tailored in a way that would bring multiple benefits to all and not just for earning and income purposes but to enrich your intellect and get value for your time in solving problems and in learning new things…Everything is well wrapped in a package and we shall let you into it in the coming weeks…… STAY TUNED.

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