Seraphicinsights Now Compensates with Amazon e-Voucher codes

Amazon e-voucher codes

Dear Seraphims,

It has been a while since we let out information on our progress as we develop a truly social platform that would meet our needs, enrich our intellect and drive some passive income into our Pockets. The administrators of seraphicinsights have in the past few months been experimenting with several compensation models that is both sustainable and realistic. To this end, I wish to inform all Seraphims that compensation to members who give answers to questions asked would henceforth be made via Amazon e-voucher codes. Amazon e-voucher codes do not expire and you can load it into your amazon account and use it to make purchases on platform and have your purchases shipped to you in the US or to any other country through a third part virtual address service.

We have also modified the article submission part of seraphicinsights so that it would comply with Google SEO content standards that provides real value to internet users while earning income for the author. To this end, the administrators of seraphicinsights have decided that only approved articles would be published and such authors must show an ability to write SEO rich content. Compensation for such content creators others known as Elite Content Creators(ECC) would be negotiable. If you wish to be an EEC, you can send in your request via an email to and a follow up would be made within 48hrs.

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However, every member has the opportunity of earning by providing ‘Answers’ to Questions and the compensation would be as explained in the FAQ page.

As we strive to make this site an intellectual platform where internet users can quickly find answers to their questions, it is our wish and expectation that members commit themselves to publicizing this site and attracting new sign ups to further enrich the site and make it intellectually and financially profitable for all. You can continue to direct your friends to seraphicinsights via your affiliate links, encourage them to create and join groups and contribute their knowledge for the overall good of every user.

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Finally, on our part as administrators, we shall continue to honor our agreements and promises and pay compensation within the stipulated time frame.


Seraphicinsights CEO


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