Symbolic shouts of black and white colours.

Black colour
Black derives its significance from the notion that new things get darker while they mature, and physical aging comes with spiritual maturity.
Black may say there is nothing present. Hence, black signifies absent of someone or something.
In painting, black may suggest an era of doom and death. While in other painting, black says there is an expression of supremacy.

The Akans blacked most of their spiritual objects to increase their spiritual potency.
Black also, symbolizes an intensified spiritual energy, communication with ancestral spirit, antiquity, spiritual maturity and spiritual potency.
When one is black clothing, it shows mourning and presence of funeral. Generally, the mood is sad and nostalgic. The dreams are shattered and hearts have been broken.

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White colour
White has obvious meaning of peace.
Moreover, white derives its symbolism from the white part of egg. However, white clay may be used for beauty during premodernization period.
Also white clay is used in spiritual purification, healing, sanctification, rites and festive occasion.
Depending on situation, white may be used to show contact with ancestral spirit.
Combination of black White, yellow, black, and red express spiritual validity and balance.

Which is your favourite colour :black or white?
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