Teething Tips for Puppies and Kittens

Dogs and cats are at their cutest when they are babies.  However, those canine and feline babies can really do some damage when they are teething.  Chomping on your possessions sure does make the pain of erupting teeth lessen for puppies and kitties, but it adds to your pain at the same time.

You can help your kitty or puppy manage the teething pain and save your belongings too.


1.  Hide Your Stuff–  Of course, if you have some possessions you adore and you do not want them chewed to bits, put them out of puppy and kitty reach.

2.  Wires– Those loose electrical cords offer kitty and puppy the perfect chewing item.  Get yourself some duct tape and either tape around the cords or wires,  or use the tape to secure the cords to the floor or another surface that will be out of reach.

3.  Lock Up Danger–  Some puppies will go to great lengths to go after something they want.  Those plastic containers that hold household cleaners would make for a mighty fine chew in the eyes of a puppy.  Childproof the cabinets that hold those cleaners, or put them far out of reach of the fur baby.

4.  Toys-  Go ahead and load up on some age-appropriate chew toys for your cat or dog.  Just head to the pet store and look for those puppy and kitten toys that can handle gnawing.

5.  Make Them Tasty-  Some chew toys just don’t garner much interest from puppies and kittens.  You can make those toys really tempting by putting a bit of peanut butter on them or by soaking them in a little chicken or beef broth.  Yum!

6.  Too Late-  Never, ever punish your pet with harsh words if you see that one of your possessions was torn to bits by baby teeth while you were out and about.  You will be wasting your breath because no way will puppy or kitty know what you are so upset about.  They are just babies you know.

7.  Replace and Praise-  Now, if you catch your kitten or puppy actively chewing on something you value or something that could be dangerous right before your very eyes, then you can give a loud “No!”  After you give the “No!”, offer the appropriate chew toy as a replacement and heap on the praise when the chew toy starts getting a workout.

8.  Interact-  A pet who is tired out from playing with you is a happy pet.  Happy, tired pets are less likely to chew.

9.  Give A Chill-  Of course ice will make teething pain abate a bit.  Give your puppy or kitten an ice cube to alleviate the pain.

10.  Freeze It-  Okay, just take an old washcloth, wet it, roll it,  freeze it, and give it to your fur baby to gnaw on for welcome relief from teething pain.

11.  Ahhhh-  Now puppy and kitten teeth are like sharp needles, but you can massage the upper and lower gums to bring relief from the pain those new teeth are causing.

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  1. Thanks for your good tips. At the moment, I am laughing on myself, because few days ago, my desktop cover was removed and one mouse cut my few wires and peed in it too. By the way we don’t have pets in our home, because my wife dislike them

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